Work in progress-new designs  the journey begins

a new fenline design takes shape

A Well-the journey be.    

 Designing a new piece of jewellery is a painstaking process and the first stages  can be quite slow as I like to check each step as I go along to make sure that it will work as a wearable item. I like to take a long time over the initial steps as i want to be totally happy with the completed work.



stacking rings

Stacking rings look best when worn as a group. The colour groupings can be varied. These rings are sold individually as the different stones vary in size and cost. These are a fun way to wear rings.

Wide Overlap ring

The wide overlap ring is so easy to wear, it is a substantial looking ring which remains slim and sits easily on the hand.

Cockle top ring

The cockle top ring is a simple silver band with a curved and textured cap. An eye catching ring and  a unique design.